Identification by victim’s 2 friends helped nail accused

  • Shailee Dogra, Hindustan Times, SAS Nagar
  • Updated: Sep 16, 2015 11:51 IST

The police managed to nail Gurmeet following identification by Amandeep’s two friends who were witness to the murder.

Gagandeep and Navneet Kaur, both stood witness to the murder and identified the accused in the court. “It was on Lohri eve and we were going back to our paying guest accommodation when Gurmeet intercepted us and started a conversation with Amandeep. We waited for her at a distance. He asked her to marry him but she refused saying her parents will not agree to the inter-caste marriage. He called her heartless,” said Amandeep’s friend Navneet Kaur, who was also the complainant in the case.

“Within no time, Gurmeet pulled out a revolver and fired three shots at Amandeep after which she fell on the ground and was bleeding profusely. Before we could react, he fled. It was all over in a few minutes,” Navneet had told the court.

Amandeep, who received three bullets in her head, heart and abdomen, was rushed to Cheema Hospital in Phase 4 where she was declared brought dead.

Amandeep and Gurmeet were old acquaintances and she had refused his marriage proposal several times not just due to her family, but also due to his drinking habit and erratic behaviour. Despite being stalked, Amandeep never complained about Gurmeet to her parents as she thought he would understand and stop following her.

Amandeep’s father Kulbir Singh offered a silent prayer as court convicted the man who killed his daughter. He still repents his decision to allow Amandeep to do a course in computer programming so she could pursue her career in information technology. It was just 10 days before her death he had allowed her to pursue the course.

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