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chandigarh Updated: Aug 03, 2014 16:30 IST
Surbhi Varma

New generation ‘Jai-Veeru’

MANDEEP SINGH MULTANI, 20, and Rakshit Gupta, 19

Meet our new generation Jai-Veeru from University Institute of Engineering and Techology (UIET), Chandigarh.

“Dosti is all about taking bullets for him,” says Rakshit, who feels totally blessed and proud to have someone like Mandeep. Their friendship is not less than a filmy action movie; they stood against each other during university elections, 2013, in a highly charged up atmosphere but eventually ended up being friends. Despite having been friends during their childhood years, the duo met after seven years. That is what we call destiny. Now they are inseparable.

Sisterhood personified

NEHA DABAR, 20, and Chilman Sahni, 19

“Best friends? Nah! We are more like sisters,” says the pair, who are two crazy nuts and would fight, yell and love at the same time.

“Four years of friendship wwould be so fruitful, we never ththought. Time made me rerealise that she is my strength, my support sys-

Childhood buddies

ARJIT GOEL, 17, and Gaurav Bachhal, 18

Arjit and Gaurav have been friends as far back as they can remember into their childhood. To Arjit, Gaurav is more like a big brother. From teaching him how to hold a bat and impress girls, he has always been around. Arjit feels he is a very sensible and creative guy.

Arjit and Gaurav

Old is gold

MS KAUSHAL, 71, and Dharam Singh, 50

They have been friends for the past 25 years now and have been putting up in Panchkula since 1984. They have also been workplace buddies at the State er. Who would have thought of that?” says Mandeep (laughing). For Mandeep, Rakshit is the one person after family who matters a lot and he likes a lot of things about him but if asked one, he promptly says that Rakshit has a heart of gold. They both hold similar thoughts for each other. The duo’s favourite pastime is “Bullet pe geri” and they get together most days and immerse themselves in good food and music. tem and she is the one person who can make me laugh when I’m going through a rough time too,” says Chilman. Neha says, “I am a very closed person; I don’t express much but she still manages to understand me. She is my only 3 am friend with whom I can share anything. No matter how far or near she is, the important thing is that I keep her in my heart. For me she is a gift from God.” creative guy. They both understand each other really well and the best part is that they never fight, because they always end up pulling each other’s leg and laughing their stomachs out.“What we seek in a good friendship is support and trust which is fulfilled in our case. I really don’t know where our lives will take us in future, but together or not to get there, a friend like him would be hard to come by and I’ll always cherish the awesome, cool, funny, weird, happy and sad times spent with him,” says Arjit. Gaurav says, “They have been friends for the past 15 years now and having had someone around for that long means a lot. The best part about him is that he pulls off the best jokes even though some are really lame. But they are still funny.”Gaurav further adds that the roots of their friendship lies in similar tastes in music and creative hobbies such as photography and calligraphy. The best memory that he has of Arjit is that he taught him how ride a bicycle in which he failed miserably.“He helped me a lot with my board examinations as I am not that studious. He made a time table for me (which I hardly followed) and also helped me with tough subjects such as math and physics. In the end I just want to say that he is totally crazy and insane but a really nice guy too,” says Gaurav. Bank Of Patiala.

Although MS Kaushal is a retired man now but these two buddies are still in touch and don’t waste a single moment to catch up.

They say they don’t believe in friendship day because for them every day is friendship day. They spend their free time doing social work.

Their key to a successful friendship is mutual understanding, similar ideas and their passion for a peaceful society. Their immense understanding has strengthened their friendship every day. When asked how they feel about friendship these days they both say that they believe in being practical. “We don’t believe in social networking; we have our own good networking. In today’s selfish world there is only give and take, no emotions.”