Maggi mess: It’s like a bad break-up

  • Rabhsimar Kaur, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jun 08, 2015 12:05 IST

The blanket ban on the country’s beloved snack has left the city in mourning. The two-minute miracle that never failed to light up our eyes with its yellow-golden spark now lies in a pool of crisis.

The ban is especially hard on students for whom Maggi is considered the staple diet or go-to snack to kill over whelming hunger pangs.

It is hard to imagine that Maggi would not come to the rescue when studying late into night for an exam. And it is simply a disaster for many with weak culinary skills.

“It’s like a bad break-up, you know, except that the reason for the intense heartache would be an empty rack usually stuffed with Maggi packs,” says Avneet Singh, a first-year student of MCM DAV College for Women.

Shopkeepers are also in a soup along with the product. “We are not even able to sell a couple of packets in the whole day.

It is mainly because mothers are not willing to serve something that has been portrayed as dangerous as Maggi,” says grocery storekeeper in Sector 35.

Needless to say, Nestle has betrayed many.

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