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Making sense of nonsense

chandigarh Updated: Jul 23, 2013 09:53 IST

I have never seen anyone scratching his head while brooding. Also I haven't seen anyone really picking up a dropped jaw. Yes, I have seen raised eyebrows but not questioning, rather bewildered. Blushing cheeks can be natural too - holding tight or loose the lolling tongue.

A furrowed forehead may have dull-heads in them. Earlobes not only hang but effuse fragrance that one might wear even on the cuffs. Cut-marks and scars may just not be battle scars but the carefree razors' edginess etched into the skin. There is every kind of love lost between the brothers. Caught on the horns of dilemma has to really hang in suspension. If you lend your ears, what do you have for others to eat? How can one see eye to eye with another with an equally set apart set of eyes? Facial expressions are not read the same way by everyone howsoever akin, pun intended.

A hair on the nose doesn't really connote a stoic disposition; likewise hair on ears do not make one rich. A weakling may have a hairy brawn. When you see through the corners of your eyes, the vision may not be perfect yet your skewed vision is seen the most transparent. Neck and neck doesn't make me digest the argument it makes of a competition but only survival. Being neck-deep into something still leaves enough scope for being able to put up with.

Speaking with tight lips, oh, no! Can't a stiff upper lip be just too submissive and pedestrian unlike that of the Royals' for I have seen thin lips giving mouthfuls too? Grinding jaws is frustration yet helps salivation if not done during sleep.

Smelling a rat or a rotten fish mean only the olfactory effect. Dimples always do not make one's mother-in-law love him or her. A twitch on the upper cheek when you tell a lie may be taken as just another muscle reflex. While whistling you may have the air wheezing through the gaping teeth which doesn't make you old enough but just that you want to do it the other way for a change.

The bridge of the eyebrows on the nose may not have a span but only of skinny expanse meaning just nothing. And one or two of the errant white strands may still frighten others with your false sense of maturity. Moustache of any denomination arouses interest among male of the species - women are though simply amused.

A cleft chin, or lip or palate makes murkier thing clearer. Hazel-eyes' colour dove-tails green hues, if looked into deeper. A tear may roll from over the cheek or may just be held back in the eye for better irrigation and resultant purgation. Trickling suits only saliva besides surface tension. Sneezing is disturbing but only as a cold etiquette.

Yawning spreads like virus provoking a yawn among all present around. Also I have seen some humans too yawning for no reason. Aren't you? Now! Well I don't know why horses yawn and not donkeys, ponies and mules. Jane bhi do yaaron!