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Many, many passionate affairs

chandigarh Updated: Nov 20, 2012 10:21 IST
Shreya Sharma

Passion: (n.) The state of the mind when it is acted upon powerfully and influenced by an activity, or an inordinate desire; susceptibility of being so affected.

Aged 12: I would really love to be a fashion designer. The glamour, the drama, the sheer exhilaration, all this is so enticing. And doesn't my passion for sketching and drawing just implore that I go into this creative field? I know I would be a great stylist. What's with my exceptional skills in sketching, imagining, cutting, sewing, promoting… wait, what? Did I hear sewing? And I have to market my stuff? Really, that is a part of the package, too? Job as my assistant, anyone?

Aged 14: There is nothing more interesting than motorbikes. The adrenaline rush, wind through my hair, purr of the power, it is all in there. My craze for motor cycle knows no bound. I don't tire of imagining myself speeding a bike on an open, wide road, a la the movie 'Torque'. My favorite is BMW K 1200 167 mhh. Did I finally get its name right? It's always a string of letters and number, isn't it? Phew! Don't think it is wrong to like a bike just because it looks pretty. Not everyone can keep up with surfeit of 4-wheel suspension and 8.3-litre engine with 10 cylinders. Well, moving on…

Aged 15: Painting brings me peace. Bringing alive serene landscapes, giving colour to beautiful creatures, illustrating my thoughts in abstract forms just frees my inner self. There's spirituality in exploring the blank canvas. But why does this activity have to clash with the timings of 'Grey's Anatomy'. They could have held the painting class some other time. I am sorry, but Dr Shepherd is a bit more interesting than, well, watching the paint dry. Sigh.

Aged 18: How could I have not seen it? Photography was the answer all along. That's my passion. The world is so interesting once you are behind the lens. Going to new places, finding interesting subjects, trying out different lenses, considering the lighting and background, entering photography contests, planning each shot, dealing with the gear…gosh, isn't a hobby supposed to be relaxing? Now that I remember that each photograph has a story behind it, I don't think my series of self-portraits in front of a mirror on Facebook wouldn't make it to the classics.

Aged 20: They say if you love your job, you never have to work in your life. Guess what, they were right all along. It's only after I joined the college that I found few things more intriguing than studying medicine. No, seriously. The complexity and intricacy of the human body can beat the best piece of technology out there. I believe every moment that I spent learning about it is worthwhile. Guys, this one is a keeper. Life is good when you find something you love finally.