Martyr's father terms Malik's statement 'ridiculous'

  • Naresh K Thakur, Hindustan Times, Dharamsala
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  • Updated: Dec 16, 2012 00:49 IST

The day after Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik stirred a row saying that weather may have killed Captain Saurabh Kalia, the martyr's father termed his statement totally 'ridiculous'.

The statement of the Pakistani minister is totally ridiculous," said NK Kalia, father of martyr Saurabh Kalia, while talking to Hindustan Times, adding that he had proofs, post-mortem report of the brutality committed by the Pakistani army on Prisoner of War (PoWs).

Terming  the statement a gimmick by Pakistan to hide the crime committed by its army, Kalia said what could be expected from a nation which even denied to recognise and accept bodies of its own soldier killed in 1999 Kargil war.

"Pakistani politicians and army want to show that they could do such heinous crime and brutally kill Indian soldiers and India will not be able to do anything," said Kalia, adding that they wanted to create an atmosphere of fear among Indian soldiers serving in Kargil at that time.

He said when bodies of Captain Kalia and his five comrades were handed over to the Indian Army no post-mortem report was attached by the Pakistani side.

He said, "Otherwise, whenever the body of an enemy soldier is handed over, a post-mortem report is always given with the body."

Kalia added, "Pakistan has always given ridiculous reasons for the death of his son to save culprits like sometime they say some animal killed my son and sometime they say it was weather which claimed my son's life."

"I want to ask Pakistani Army and leaders that do the animals fire or do they keep cigarette with them to smoke," said Kalia, adding that the post-mortem report clearly mentioned that he was shot dead and there were burn marks by cigarette all over his body.

Refusing to meet Rehman Malik who on Friday had wished to shake hands with the martyr's father, Kalia said he was only interested in justice for his son and do not want to meet anyone.

"I don't want to meet anyone. If Malik is so powerful, instead of shaking hands with a person like me, he should find out the culprits and punish them. Meeting me will not yield any result," said Kalia, terming Malik's statement as a stunt to get publicity.


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