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New lessons for life

chandigarh Updated: Feb 06, 2014 09:39 IST
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Much like any other average student, the subjects of science and mathematics would send jitters down my spine. Preparation for these subjects would give me sleepless nights and I would breathe a sigh of relief on merely securing passing marks in the exams. On completing my high school, the biggest reason to cheer was the fact that I could finally bid adieu to these nightmare of subjects.

However, 10 years later, I have forged an eternal relation with these subjects. The reason: getting married into a family of engineers. When you have a host of engineers and a science and mathematics teacher in the family, how can one ward off from the impact of these subjects?

One often hears that marriage signifies a new beginning in the life of a girl. This one relationship paves the way for the start of a whole new life, a new family and new responsibilities. Post marriage, a girl's life undergoes a drastic change be it in terms of priorities, thinking or outlook towards life.

Having stepped into this new phase recently, I am slowly understanding and realising the truth behind this notion. My marriage is certainly proving to be a learning experience, in more ways than one.

Thanks to my family, now I know how the Indian Railways functions; the reason why a pressure cooker cooks pulses and vegetables in no time; microns and nautical miles as units of measurements; the working of a refrigerator and an air-conditioner; why even on low voltage, an electric shock can prove fatal when passing through a wet body; to name a few.

Besides the numerous bounties that this relationship has bestowed on me, my family is helping me understand the practical applications of these subjects. So now I know that some local golgappa vendors mix a certain acid in the flavoured water to add a tangy taste; that adding salt to potatoes removes starch and that excessive use of deodorants can cause damage to the environment.

There are many advantages of being surrounded by engineers from all sides in the family. Whatever needs to be fixed be it a faulty electrical appliance or simply the frame of your spectacles, every task is accomplished right in the house. So not only do we save time and money, but we are also self-sufficient in accomplishing almost every task.

Thanks to this new phase of my life, I am slowly but surely discovering that if one looks beyond the bookish text, there are many ways in which these subjects can apply in our everyday lives. I can now safely say that one can easily elucidate the pragmatic approach of life with these facts, which are beyond academic profile and manuscripts.