New measures on cards for PUCSC polls

  • Surender Sharma, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Sep 08, 2014 14:36 IST

Panjab University has planned for new measures for the future Panjab University Campus Students’ Council (PUCSC) elections. Heavy penalties for mass bunking, recognising political parties to rein them in, allowing students to campaign on campus with identity cards, are some of them.

Officials said measures initiated this year for the model code of conduct period were successful but during the pre-poll period, the university saw violence as well as hooliganism in the period between the start of the new academic session and polls.

The university provided tents for candidates and said for any incident of violence in the tents, candidates would be held responsible. Also, the expenditure during rallies and use of other related material would be included in the expenditure by candidates. The university had also banned campaigning with vehicles stickers on them on the campus.

Dean student welfare Navdeep Goyal said some loopholes in the current system have been observed. “We have to take corrective measures for future elections. A meeting of observers is to be held soon and recommendations of the observer panel would be presented in the chairpersons meeting next month,” said Goyal.

Officials said decisions like recognising student political parties needed more deliberation and departments should also be included in that process.

“We do not recognise any student party. To recognise them, we would have to get the proposal cleared from the syndicate as well as the senate,” said an official, adding that the process started this year would get cleared only by the year’s end.

Sources said parties needed to be recognised to fix accountability. This year nearly 18 parties took part in the polling process. It was difficult to give time and space to all to carry out their activities on the campus. So, a party with a minimum of 10-15% votes would get tents, designated slots to put up posters and invites from time to time to take their views of different issues.

“By doing so, we would be able to contain violations of defacement also. Those found violating rules would be derecognised and would not get space for tents during admission process and sites to put up posters,” the official added.

To deal with another problem of students going on free trips, the official said various measures were being discussed.

“We have to take a decision, whether names of students on mass bunk be struck off or they be imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 or Rs 5,000,” the official said, adding that the final decision about the same would be taken in the chairpersons’ meeting.To curb the entry of outsiders during the polling process, the officials said only those with identity cards would be allowed to enter the departments to campaign.

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