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New Year Resolutions for a happier life

chandigarh Updated: Jan 02, 2015 00:05 IST
Tavan pal Singh
Tavan pal Singh
New Year

Well it is New Years already and we would have planned certain resolution under strictly-to-be followed category. Well we all delve into resolutions like, buying a new car, gadget or a house; why not think of bringing a change within. We give you a list of plausible New Year resolutions you can follow to grow as individuals.

Complete the last year’s incomplete resolutions-If your last year’s resolution has not yet been accomplished and you still want to achieve it why not try and give it a second shot!

Try to explore yourself: Take some time this year to look within your own self with an aim to find your hidden potential and capabilities. You may be surprised to meet something new within your ownself!

Be a traveller: Take those trips you’ve also wanted to. Explore places, try new cultures and meet new people. Also try and take a trip alone, we bet it will be worth it.

Control Emotions: There is nothing wrong in being emotional unless it harms us. Being over-emotional leads people to take wrong decisions. So try to be practical while tackling situations. Remember a perfect balance is a must in life.

Work Harder and Smarter-It may sound unusual but today when we are increasingly moving towards smart technology, we need to work harder as well as smarter. The number of hours in a day are same for everybody, what varies is how we utilise it. So use your time constructively before 2015 slips away.

Sleep early at Night and wake up early in the morning- Follow the old school mantra- “Early to bed and early to rise”. It seems that today’s generation has never read this quote. Nightouts have become common. This definitely affects our body negatively, so give this habit up at the earliest. Remember the second part of this saying-“makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Quit addictions -“Excess of everything is bad”, so try and control your addictions towards excess usage of electronic gadgets and social media. Go out of a walk, meet an old friend or watch old family videos and albums with family instead, we bet you would love it!

Learn experiences be a stepping stone: Why ponder over bad experiences and think of things that are not under your control. Just let go off your past. But do remember very experience is a lesson. So use each of them as a stepping stone to prepare for better future.

Be happy and spread Happiness-In today’s fast paced world when stress levels are increasing every day, make an effort to bring happiness to people around you. Living for others too is a great source of joy. So move out and spread smiles!

Commitment: Last but not the least, try to become a reliable person and keep away from selfish attitudes. Remember, it’s essential to our own well-being and for our growth as individuals.