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No rebirth in India

chandigarh Updated: Jul 31, 2013 10:01 IST
Manpreet Singh

God was very happy with the good deeds done by a soul in her previous birth. He said to her, "I have decided to reward you with a human birth. Your next birth would be as a woman in the land where goddesses are worshipped, the great India."

Seeing the soul shocked and saddened, God asked, "Are you not happy with the reward?"

The soul said, "My Lord, I don't want to be born a woman in India."

When asked why, she said, "Almighty, your creation, man, worships goddesses, but since ages, this hypocrite has been treating the woman merely like a slave and a source of sexual gratification. Peeping into history, Dushasana tried to strip Draupadi, but Lord Krishna saved her miraculously. But the irony is that Krishna does not show his miracles anymore. Draupadi has become feeblest and Dushasana strongest."

The soul continued, "If I won't be detected and killed inside the womb due to the desire to have a son, I will be considered inferior to my brother. My parents will provide best upbringing to my brother but I will have to compromise. I will have to undergo domestic violence for dowry and you never know when I will get killed by my husband and in-laws. If I would go for a divorce, it would be a challenge for me to survive."

"I will send you to one of the richest families, you will have your parental property," promised God.

"That, too, won't help, my Lord. I would have already donated my share to my brother as a result of emotional blackmail by my parents," the soul replied.

"I would never feel safe in Hindustan, better known as 'Rapistan'. Small children are sexually exploited, women encounter perverts while traveling, and they have to face womanisers at the workplace. Rapists treat girls' bodies worse than animals and kill them heinously. While most of the girls keep mum after being victimized, law-enforcing agencies try to suppress any voice that
is raised," the soul added.

God asked, "How should I improve things?"

The soul said, "The first place where a man learns to treat girls unequally is his home. The day parents start treating their sons and daughters equally, the sons would start respecting girls.

Society needs to be empathic, not sympathetic with the victims. People who jump to the conclusion that the victim may not have a good character should consult a psychiatrist. We link rapes with girls' attire like mini-skirts, shorts and jeans and justify it, but even if a girl roams naked, nobody has the right to rape her. Stringent laws have been made, but law-enforcing agencies need to implement these instead of suppressing the victims. If a juvenile can get aroused sexually like an adult, then he deserves the same punishment for rape."

"Last but not least, people ignore rapes committed during communal riots. For most men, it's like making hay while the sun shines. They are considered the enemy's women, but remember that if today we are supporting such crimes with other community's women, tomorrow it may happen with our own," the soul said.

God was still thinking how He could convince the soul when He himself got convinced by her.

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