Now who is 'Bobby Dhaliwal'? He wants to be Canada's PM

  • Chandandeep Kour/Aishwarya S Iyer, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Sep 03, 2015 21:53 IST
YouTube comedian Jus Reign posing as Bobby Dhaliwal gave the Huffington Post Canada (Photo courtsey: Official Twitter account)

With Canada's federal elections set to be held on October 19, party leaders are travelling across the country and spending millions to win the hearts and minds of voters. But one candidate vying to step into Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper's shoes has managed to evade the spotlight. Until now, that is.

YouTube comedian Jus Reign posing as Bobby Dhaliwal gave the Huffington Post Canada an exclusive interview recently. Speaking to Mike Sholars, Dhaliwal told HuffPost of his agenda on how to boost the economy and healthcare of Canada.

In his interview, Reign introduces himself as Dhaliwal saying, "I am a 25-year-old boy, who grew up in a lower middle-class family with hard-working immigrant parents."

Trolling all the prime ministerial candidates through his make-believe profile, he is trying to increase the standard and content of public debate by talking about relevant issues. "I want to help indigenous communities that are disrespected, ensure a transition to a green energy economy, help immigrants imprisoned for no substantial basis and abolish the useless Senate." He makes a reference to the way the Senate was abolished in the StarWars series.

To play his role of a responsible citizen to the fullest, Reign has designed a website for the non-existent 'Bobby Dhaliwal' with the purpose of ensuring the youth in Canada is abreast with the ongoings of the country through the medium of wit and comedy.

Here below is a link Jus Reign posing as Bobby Dhaliwal.

He believes politicians have no regard for younger minds and are averse to the needs of citizens. This seems to be his way of doing his bit for the elections.

Through wit and humour, he has raised urgent questions mirroring the pressing needs of the masses in Canada. He urges people to come out and vote in large numbers.

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