Nurturing stars for the future

  • Jyotsna Jalali, Hindustan Times, SAS Nagar
  • Updated: Dec 16, 2014 14:59 IST

While indoor lessons sharpen the mental skills of students, sports hone their physical skills. According to the HT-- C-fore survey, Yadavindra Public School (YPS) is ahead of other schools in SAS Nagar on the parameter of sports. The school, which has scored 86 out of 100 points and was the top school in the town last year as well, has a strong legacy of nurturing many national-level sports-persons.

At YPS, there is great emphasis on using sports as a medium to inculcate values such as discipline, respect and team spirit in students. It is compulsory for each student to participate in all sports activities, which the school believes will help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Parents also encourage their children to take part in sports.

Avtar Singh Dhanoa, parent of a YPS student, says, “My son is interested in football. However, I have no idea about the game. Fortunately, the school provides him the required training and helps him pursue his passion.”

The school boasts of advanced infrastructure facilities and experienced coaches for sports like football, cricket, basketball, squash and swimming.

Vivek High School, which is ranked second (81 points), has a similar story to tell. The school has made sports an integral part of the learning process. It ensures that students participate in sports out of choice and not out of compulsion. Vivek High School students participate in inter-school, state-level and national-level sports tournaments frequently.

Jasmanjit Singh, teacher at Vivek High School, says, “We have professionals to teach students a mix of indoor and outdoor sports. We arrange special camps for them, where they can hone their skills and become good sports-persons. We also encourage and provide additional training to students who wish to take sports as a profession.”

While Shivalik Public School — which has clinched the third spot (80 points) — focuses on traditional sports like cricket, hockey and football, it also encourages students to learn other less-popular sports like badminton, squash, skating and swimming.

Renu Sharma, teacher at Shivalik Public School, believes that sports are important for the holistic development of a child. She says, “We hold sporting tournaments throughout the year. We provide the required infrastructure facilities and coaching to students interested in sports. We encourage them to train before and after school hours.”

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