Online system: Offering link on own site, RLA pokes vendor

  • Aarish Chhabra, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jun 24, 2015 10:15 IST

As the affixation of high-security registration plates (HSRPs) on pre-March 2013 series is still not on the fast track, the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA) has again asked the private vendor doing the job to put the procedure online.

After the most recent mess created at the RLA offices - as more series have missed deadline and are under the police scanner - the RLA, Kashish Mittal, wrote to the vendor, Real Mazon India Limited, on Tuesday.

"I have cited the relevant portion of the agreement to the vendor and asked them to have an online setup for registration and fee payment. That way the RC-holder only has to come on an assigned date and time to get the plates affixed,"said Mittal.

It must be noted, however, that the agreement was signed three years ago. As per the agreement signed by the UT administration and Real Mazon on December 26, 2012, the vendor was supposed to provide a "centralised online data management system". It was to have the provision of online registration for HSRPs and e-receipts after paying fee online.

While not satisfactorily explaining the delay, Mittal said now that the UT transport department has its own website launched around two months ago - - "we can give them a link on the site for redirecting to their system".

Earlier, the RLA as well as the vendor had cited technical difficulties of using government mechanisms.

But Mittal also pointed out how the payment system should not face any hitches beyond the basic technicalities "since no government receipt is being done; and the transaction is with a private vendor".

The agreement adds that the data centre and servers of the online HSRP system should be located at sites identified by the RLA, and that on completion of the work it would all be passed onto the authority.

Covered so far: Pendency high

The 'old' vehicle series that are being covered are CH01-AR and back -- this means 01-AR to AA, and then 04-L back to 04-F till now. In 16 series from CH01AA to AR (9,999 numbers each), coverage ranges from around 5,600 in AA to over 9,300 in AR.

Some vehicles may have forever left the UT, the RLA believes. Moving on backwards, coverage is low for CH04-L to F (the latest).

Series HSRP done

CH-04-F 1,990

04-H 2,077

04-J 2,341

04-K 2,671

04-L 2,413

(G and I not assigned, updates till June 6)

One month to clear backlog

The RLA has decided that after covering the CH04 series of all assigned alphabets from A to L by the end of next month, there would be an extra month for all those in 04 series still without the HSRPs. "We will start moving on as per our system, backwards in the CH03 series, only after that,"said RLA Kashish Mittal. But the challaning drive will remain on for all those whose deadline is over.

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