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Only Murphy can explain

chandigarh Updated: Dec 17, 2014 19:03 IST
Sarita Mohan
Sarita Mohan
Hindustan Times

It is strange but common. We all experience it, in some way or the other, but overlook it. We laugh it off; or just leave it like that, thinking it as one of the many aberration or odd things in life that have no logical explanation.

If we discuss it with the family, no one acknowledges it; they’d rather grumble that we are mad about a trivial thing. It boggles me also why when I plan out a programme, it is bound to go haywire, but when I do not, all of a sudden everything runs like clockwork and ends well.

These things do weigh on our mind. A tubelight in the backyard was not working. I thought about replacing it for days, while the corner remained dark. It was high on the outer wall, so only an electrician could reach it to check and repair. A month now passed, and I called in the expert, finally.

He examined the light and told me everything was fine. On my insisting, however, he hung an alternative light. To my surprise, that evening, I found the old light functioning again. A year since, it is still working fine, while my backup arrangement is gathering dust. Murphy’s Law also says that when a broken appliance is demonstrated for the repairman, it will work perfectly.

One morning, my husband got up with watering eye, maybe because of some infection. We tried all possible remedies, but in vain. After two days of discomfort, he saw a doctor, who prescribed him eye drops. The moment he bought the medicine, the irritating eye became fine and there was no need for the eye drops.

We have a clock in almost every room. One would stop invariably, requiring us to get a battery for it from the market every now and then. All my household purchases now included a battery. I got so fed up with the situation that one day I brought 20 cells in one go. Now it has been almost two years since, and the batteries I purchased are going to expire, but I have never required those, since all the clocks now work perfectly.

When our cistern started leaking, the toilet floor would remain wet all the time. We suspected it might be an overflow that would be alright in a day or two. But four days passed, and we had to call a plumber; and behold, he said there was no leakage at all, and the toilet is dry from that very day. Many of these events make us embarrassed or cut a sorry figure, again and again.

At times, a brilliant idea comes to your mind, and you start working on it seriously. Later, you come to know that as it struck you, somebody, somewhere was copyrighting it at that very moment… somebody known, obviously.