Power sector must grow for economic development

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jul 18, 2014 16:10 IST

The Indian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) held a talk to get the knowledge of customer grievances and areas for development as manufacturers of electricity on Thursday.

IEEMA is a 60-year-old organisation with nearly 800 members, including BHEL.

IEEMA president Raj Eswaran stressed on fund availability for the power sector.

He said for the economy to grow by say 3%, the power sector had to grow at least by 5% to make that happen as power was a requirement everywhere. Talking about instances of power cuts, he said “If a person is willing to pay for electricity
then denying electricity to him is a crime.”

He said: “Despite Punjab being one of the few states generating more power than it consumes, the long power cuts are a cause of great concern to them and they try to do everything right at their end. All old inefficient power plants are being replaced by newer plants to limit technical wastage of power and power losses of up to 20% are being brought down to about 3-4%, however, they are helpless when it comes to natural calamities and local faults and power theft.”

Vishnu Agarwal, vice-president, IEEMA, discussed the rising costs of electricity. He said the government should not import power and other power generating technologies from China.

He said recent analysis had shown that the products imported from China were substandard and the government should expect huge monetary losses in the next 30 years.

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