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Practical wisdom

chandigarh Updated: Dec 26, 2012 10:41 IST
DC Sharma
DC Sharma
Hindustan Times
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We celebrate Christmas Day with great sanctity but by the very next day many of us forget lessons to be learnt from Jesus Christ's life.

Christ's life was replete with practical wisdom. Few know the value of these lessons imparted through his actions and sermons. For instance, Christ said, "The kingdom of heaven is right here, right now, but it is subtle, and most people don't notice it." The lesson here is that we need to gain maximum from the present. Again he says, "Commit fully, now." He cautions us to fully concentrate upon what we do. Doing something half-heartedly is no way to do a piece of work.

That's why we face failures. If you have a habit to put off till tomorrow what you can do today, you lose the chance to avail of the gifts the present offers.

It matters little whether you celebrate Christmas on December 25, or like the Greeks do on January 7. What matters is the meaning behind Christ's teachings. The word Christmas comes from an old English word "Christes maesse." It means "Christ's mass".

Christ told his disciples to seek the light within. He cautioned that when you seek it, you will find it. But man lacks the faith and courage to realise that truth. Modern man has become extremely materialistic. He has no time to stand and stare. The moment he tries to look within, some outward happening distracts him from his purpose and focus.

Man can find that light within. The light within simply shows the right path. But we are no more interested in introspecting. We believe more in what appears before our eyes than what lies within.

Strange are the ways of this world! People get agitated even when their neighbour has been earning a little, while they have been earning much more than him! "Deal with your own shortcomings, rather than worrying about other's flaws," cautions Christ.

Noble actions indicate that one is noble. Simply using sugarcoated words, and performing worship rituals, but doing evil deeds, does not make one noble. Christ has advised "Your actions, not your words or rituals, show you for what you are; good or evil." Why not learn to live a life of purity. This is what Lord Krishna taught us when he says that rightful actions with no desire of fruit, virtually lead to truthful living. This is what Guru Nanak Dev meant when he says, "Truth is higher, but still higher is truthful living."

A marvellous lesson flows from Christ's humility. He says, "Forgive those who harm you." When he was being crucified he said, "God, forgive them for they know not what they have been doing."

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