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Privileged by birth

chandigarh Updated: May 02, 2013 12:08 IST

The Lok Sabha elections are on their way, and each party is busy considering the "right" candidates. But a lobby of candidates active in every party is above any selection criteria. It consists of people like me who have blood relations with influential leaders.

The time is ripe for me to make a political career. Getting ticket from a popular party is easier than a cakewalk because my father happens to be a minister from this party. Being a politician's family member really helps. And I am the privileged one. I am "The Politician's Son".

Many of my friends always used to discuss their careers.

They had a big responsibility on their shoulders, the responsibility to be "something" in their lives. Some of them worked their way-the hard way-to step into their parents' professions, and became engineers, doctors and IAS officers. But I was already there.

I was never under pressure to be "something". I did my higher studies abroad, but didn't ever give a damn to scholarships. Rather, I led a lavish life. Unlike some of my unlucky friends, I never had to do a part-time job. My father had amassed enough wealth from his "noble" profession to support my irresponsibility.

Now I have joined my family business, the business to run the country. The clueless voters, as if under a spell of delusion, would surely elect me. This is akin to the olden days when rajas and maharajas used to pass on the throne to their sons. Democracy is just a label. Our voters themselves are not in favour of it.

They get energised when a minister's son contests the election. How can I let them down!

I am sure of my win because my father will spend lots of money to ensure it. Since "divide and rule" is the best strategy that works in India, I'll polarise people on the basis of religion and caste. Maybe, someday, I'll visit Dalits to show some feigned concern and spend a little time with them. But when it comes to my own marriage, I'll see to it that the bride is from a rich upper caste family. I could even have a criminal record. But what's wrong, even my father has it? This is a measure of how powerful you actually are.

After winning the election, my sole motive will be to multiply my father's ill-gotten wealth. While scams would come to me as second nature, I'll also have to keep top industrialists in good humour. Come on, these are the people who donate crores to our party fund and help us come to power. When exposed, I will instigate communal riots to divert people's attention. I can go to any extent to stick to power. No law or law-enforcing agency will dare to touch me because I will be the privileged one, not just "The Politician's Son" but "The Politician" himself!