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Requesting a strong Budget

chandigarh Updated: Feb 28, 2013 10:49 IST
Ravneet Sangha
Ravneet Sangha
Hindustan Times
union Budget

To the finance minister,


We all wait for your cuts and sanctions, levies and allowances so we can live a bit easier. The latest increase in freight charges by your colleague in the railway ministry sure has made almost every item on the market expensive but my concern is an impending cost that will upset every housewife's budget.

The board examinations, you can't imagine how tough these are to go through for housewives. Take my case; I am experiencing what you may call the coffee stress syndrome. The more coffee I drink, the more I imagine it to be adulterated. It just doesn't have the same punch.

Please, as you make the budget, make provision for a separate board for checking the potency of coffee; I bet you something is wrong there and that what I'm drinking is not coffee definitely. Now I know what Khalil Gibran meant when he said: "Speak to us of eating and drinking."

Your worthy colleague missed counting the rat race for seats in a world forever burgeoning and shifting. Did the cabinet ever take into account the simple economics? As our elected representatives, the members of the cabinet have the duty to consider the root problem instead of appointing committees that take forever to pass judgment. Instead of vote politics, sometimes you have to take harsh decisions. However, as a housewife in agricultural family, my concern is global warming, and how the change in weather has hit my budget: imagine drinking away the coffers via coffee.

Seriously, I propose a sop to every mother of a teenager going into board examinations, so bring this hardworking class some relief. Every Indian woman has to balance her budget better than any finance minister (no offence to you, Sir). In these trying times, she needs this extra shot of caffeine and if because of the rising prices, she can't afford that luxury, she will cease to function.

The mother holds the family together. In the interest of national integration then, I implore you to reduce the price of coffee (and other "essentials") to give us the energy to combat the stress of rising prices and the difficulty level in examinations.

I also invite you to fresh coffee I love making, no budget cuts.

Ravneet Sangha