Residents convert open grounds into dumping sites

  • Shailee Dogra, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Nov 26, 2014 08:22 IST

Open areas in Sectors 31, 46 and 47 in Chandigarh have become garbage dumping spots due to the absence of an enclosed garbage collection centre.

Heaps of garbage dumped along the main highway in Sector 47 is a constant eyesore as the civic body has turned it into an open garbage collection and segregation center. Stray animals feed on the garbage and litter the area often.

Residents have made matters worse by turning the open forest area into a dump yard.

Sector 48 in Chandigarh is no different. With no checks in place, residents feel free to dump heaps of garbage along the road, which perennially emit foul smell.

Unbearable stench from garbage dumped along the road near the SAS Nagar Club in Phase 11 makes it impossible for anyone to visit the area.

One is greeted by heaps of malba dumped along the road while entering the residential areas of Sector 31.

It is evident that the Sector 31 residential area, which primarily houses air force personnel, has borne the brunt of official apathy for long.

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