Results lead to new debate on internal boards vs CBSE exam

  • Vivek Gupta, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: May 27, 2014 16:51 IST

Even as the number of students securing CGPA 10 in Chandigarh has gone down this year as compared to last year, the debate on sanctity of board-based and school-based board pattern rages on. Several school heads feel that Class-10 results should not be glorified, especially when 100% assessment is done by the schools which follow the schoolbased board system.

In recent years, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has consciously promoted the idea of school-based board system for Class 10. As a result, over 90% students studying in private schools in tricity have opted for school-based board-it is these students who have secured CGPA10 in the recently-declared CBSE results.

This year’s Class-10 results sprung many surprises: several unknown schools sprung up on the list of the best performing schools, even while the tricity’s top schools have recorded a drastic fall in the number of students with a perfect 10.

Chandigarh’s Bhavan Vidyalaya principal Vineeta Arora, whose school topped the tricity last year but slid to the fifth position this time, had welcomed the trend, saying that the school can instead concentrate on grooming on the children rather than creating a glut of students with CGPA 10, which did not help them academically in Classes 11 and 12.

This year’s result, however, has have also brought to fore a disturbing trend: schools manipulating their results in order to make headlines on the day of results, while a vital component of the system-the internal grooming of students-lies ignored.

Gurpreet Bakshi, the director of St Kabir School, Sector 26, said, “I don’t want to comment on the performance and working of other schools but since CBSE is trying to do away with class 10 board, all schools must make efforts to shun short-term gains, such as producing more number of CGPA 10 students and the media hype that surrounds it, and instead focus on grooming students in multiple skills and preparing them for future challenges.”

Shashi Banerjee, the principal of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, Panchkula, said that the number of students with CGPA 10 in the school, has, in fact, seen a decline in the school-based board examination system as compared to the board-based external system.

“This is because of the school’s tight marking system and its underlying philosophy in preparing their students for future,” she said.


In order to keep a check on schools-both those following the school-based system of examination as well as those following the school-based board system-CBSE began collecting information on how students were assessed in Class 10. Some, however, believe that the system is not effective as it fails to keep a check on whether schools have honestly assessed students according to the board’s directives.

“On the persuasion of the board, we sent some proof (of assessment), but there was no feedback from the board (whether positive or negative), suggesting it was a mere formality,” said a school principal.


Aruna Bhardwaj, a CBSE counsellors and the principal of Gurukul Globa l School, Manimajra, said that the media must also take a call on how to cover Class-10 CBSE results.

Despite the fact that majority of the schools have school-based assessment system now for Class 10, which means that the board has no control over their overall assessment, the media continues to cover the Class 10 results with the same intensity as before, giving publicity- hungry schools a chance to take advantage, she said.

“Media stopped covering Class 5 and 8 board results after it ceased to exist. When the CBSE is already taken a step in the direction of phasing out the Class-10 board exams, media should also stop giving Class-10 results such publicity,” she said. Parents want one system On the other hand, parents called on CBSE to remove the confusion that continues to prevail over the board-based and school-based system and have one system of evaluation. Bhavneet, a parent from the city, said that the choice between the two systems often leaves parents confused.

“This option can be given to students shifting to other state boards from CBSE but not otherwise,” he said.

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