Robbers’ modus operandi: Switch area, exploit loophole

  • Aman Dixit, Hindustan Times, SAS Nagar
  • Updated: May 11, 2014 15:09 IST

On bail in a case in one area, they strike in another. That’s the modus operandi of robber gangs these days, and the primary reason behind the crime is addiction to drugs, claim the police.

Even the men recently arrested in robbery cases in Mullanpur on April 18 and Nayagoan on February 4 were led by Jagdeep Singh Jony, who was on bail in eight other robbery cases registered in different cities.

SAS Nagar seniors uperintendent of police (SSP) Gursharan Singh Sandhu said that during interrogation they learnt that these robbers first strike at one place, and when they get arrested in the case, they plan to strike in other area after securing bail.

The police in their new area of operation do not gave a track of them in the files, which helps these robbers operate more discreetly.

The gangs are formed in the jail, according to the SSP.

“The criminals have revealed that they established contact in jail and, after for ming a new gang, they decided to strike in different areas. Being from different areas, gang members share information in jail.”

The SSP further explained that it was also learnt that sometimes the criminals form new gangs for each robbery and area.

A senior police official listed drug addiction and the resultant need as prime reason for robberies by these gangs.

Talking to HT, a senior police officer said it was a “tedious job” for the police to keep an eye on criminals whenever they got bail. Another officer said that as per the law the local police station, from the area where the criminals stay, is supposed to maintain a proper dairy of their criminal activities even when they secure bail.

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