Scrap makes Phase-7 motor market an unsightly blot in heart of city

  • Jyotsna Jalali, Hindustan Times, SAS Nagar
  • Updated: Nov 12, 2014 14:48 IST

The market doesn’t have a dustbin, and visitors throw junk around callously.When the HT team visited the market, it was apparent that apart from working in unhygienic conditions, the mechanics and the shopkeepers also contributed to the filth.
With a lack of sufficient parking space, the main road leading to the market has been converted into one. Moreover, the mechanics have also landed on the road, citing paucity of space for repair work.The haphazard parking and the waste left behind by mechanics such as partly burnt rubber, cable parts, and empty food packets, together have made the road deplorable.
The market which houses 40-50 shops does not have a single dustbin. Visitors also display a callous attitude and contribute to the mess by littering.

And the stench in the market makes the surrounding worse. Shopkeepers claim the market’s population has increased manifold. But, the area does not have washrooms and those working there have no option but to relieve themselves in the open.

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