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Secure govt in place, now let's do our bit: Kiran Bedi

chandigarh Updated: May 20, 2014 10:03 IST
Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi
Hindustan Times


We have voted for a government which can now deliver without being held to ransom by smaller groups, as we saw happening in the past unfortunately. Now that we have voted against such insecurities, we the people have several responsibilities.

Friends, let's congratulate ourselves for having voted in a government in the best of established practices and principles of democracy. That too in the most populous democracy of the world. The world has stood up to salute this revolution. I have no doubt at all that there will be millions in countries across the world who must be wishing such to be the case in their country.

We are very fortunate Indians today that we have a vibrant democracy with systems and institutions in place, which deliver this all the time.

It's time for celebrations not only for the winners, but even for those who may not have made it, for the following reasons:

* We have voted for a government which can now deliver without being held to ransom by smaller groups, as unfortunately we saw happening in the past. Some persons wanted a large financial package as trade-off, while continuing to not effectively govern within. They overspent without raising their own resources. They kept distributing freebies for reasons justified or unjustified. So they borrowed to distribute and asked to borrow more! This will not be possible now as the government in power will not be conditional to any outside group's support.

* Effective laws had to be compromised, even diluted for adjustment. Or not even legislated. Who lost? We as a whole. The previous Parliament was said to be the least performing.

* There was more of chaos than order. Noise rather than intelligent discussions where various views could be considered and heard. Many only wanted to register their dissent or opposition for their respective constituencies, thus limiting themselves to narrow interests, compromising national interest.

* There was a basic sense of insecurity within the government. They were not sure who was with them, for how long, to what extent and in what adverse conditions. Therefore, safety and survival was the key goal, not performance.

Now that we have voted against such insecurities, we the people have the following responsibilities:

* We do what is right for the country, whoever we be, whatever position or situation we are in! It's time for fulfilling our responsibilities, besides rights to be ensured by our institutions and systems, which again we run.

* Rekindle our value system. Thorough parenting, teaching, learning. And early assimilation of values from home and at the school level. This might call for a wholesale re-training of our teachers in a creative way. Not moralising but learning to be ethical and inclusive.

* Serving the community and Shram Daan should be an integral part of all education. Which means that the youth, as children, learn to serve early on, learn gratitude and responsibility, and respect others' rights without being told to, out of love of one's countrymen and women. The freedom movement must be an integral part of learning, not just to pass an exam, but to learn gratitude towards those who gave us the democracy which we are so proud of.

* Boys as well as girls should learn every skill, without it being 'made for girls' or 'made for boys'. Each according to one's inclination and not by denial of options. This way, gender equality will come in early, not by being taught, but learnt in a very natural way.

* Encourage mandatory internships to learn by doing. Be it in rural or urban areas, in any field. And every field is open for work. Take up anything and the sky is the limit. Community projects should be part of all learning. Let there be space for retirees to volunteer service in areas of their choice. This will keep them engaged and healthy.

* Let the corporate sector not wait. It must contribute to skill development. This means either by local initiatives, supporting others involved in the work or upgradation, in-house. This will create work opportunities in the country and bring the youth into early wealth creation. It will be the nursery of 'vikas' (progress)!

* Last but not the least, ensure town-hall meetings with every MLA and every MP once in three months and evaluate what he or she did all this while.

Now, people of India will not wait for five years. No more! Enough time has been lost!

We must not take a holiday from doing the right things. Let's self-police. This is the time for 'vikas' with 'atam vikas' (self progress) of our India and Indians.

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