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Shopping, women's only sport

chandigarh Updated: Apr 24, 2014 10:47 IST
Kumud Dharwal

I apologise to 50% of the world for saying that all women, except a few, are shopaholics, though I am, too, not an exception. Allow me to take you into the depth of this psyche and help you find the aetiology. In most households, early morning, after the children are packed off to school and the husband to office, the poor lady is left alone to tend to routine chores of the house.

Toward off loneliness, she often goes to the market under the pretext of collecting daily requirements, though in real she is looking for company, even if of strangers.

The Idle brain is the devil's workshop. If the lady of the house has nothing more to keep her busy, her mind deviates to negative thoughts and she sinks into depression.

Then the only saviour is going to the marketplace. The therapeutic hustle and bustle helps her return to the loved ones in a state of euphoria. Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Jealousy might also prompt a shopping spree. Remember the tag line "Uski sari meri sari se safed kyon?" (Why is her sari whiter than mine); or why is my fridge or my car smaller. Revenge could be a motive, too.

If the woman has discovered that her husband is cheating on her and splurging on his secret girlfriend, she can either get mad or get even. She can blow up either her fuse or the cheater's money. Which strategy would you prefer?

Then, it's the market, always cluttered with products, of a variety of brands, each better in features, quality, and yes, cost. Surrounded by these splendid things, how can anyone resist the temptation to buy? There always are items you don't have in the house.

Women feel claustrophobic in the house and free in the shopping mall. Addiction, believe me, is the ultimate driving force. Even the wealthiest woman in the world, with all sorts of gizmos, finds no zing in those after a while. She must have something new in the collection.

The showstoppers are the window shoppers. You cannot put them in one group. They leave the house to indulge the senses and yet return with the satisfaction of a heavy wallet. Without paying a dime, they have bought happiness and a rejuvenated mind until the next pang of compulsive shopping.