Sikhs vote to elect new gurdwara leaders in US

  • HT Correspondent, IANS, New York
  • Updated: Aug 31, 2015 14:51 IST

After facing years of internal power struggles and a court ruling, members of the Sikh community have voted to elect new leaders of one of the largest gurdwaras in the US.

A total of 6,802 registered voters queued outside the San Jose gurdwara in California on Sunday, Mercury News reported. The election was ordered by a superior court judge to resolve the issue between two Sikh factions with different agendas.

"People are showing up to speak their minds again. This is a good day for everyone here," said Summan Tersen Singh, an applied materials technician.

The incumbent steering committee promised continued growth and prosperity, while the challenging committee sought votes on the assurances of honesty and accountability in matters of finance and governance.

Each faction projected 21 candidates for a new steering committee while two others ran independently.

"Everybody can see what we have done and they like it," said Pritam Singh Grewal, a steering committee candidate.

The incumbent steering committee wants to build an elder-care facility, a funeral home, a Sikh heritage park and a path around the sprawling complex in the Evergreen Valley hills, the report said.

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