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Spice of life: Honeybee, my busy friend

chandigarh Updated: Jun 19, 2015 10:17 IST

The small garden of our house happens to be my favourite place when I have to pen down my musings on various subjects that I strongly feel about. I will probably never get tired of this place and for this, I owe a lot to visitors —birds and butterflies. The beautiful, fascinating and smart honeybees too are among important guests who drop in at this place quite often. And how their humming contributes to the ongoing divine concert to make the garden come alive! The inspiration coming from them is endless. Deliberating on the way honeybees serve us humans so selflessly leaves me dumbfounded.

The other day as I sat engrossed in my writing, I noticed a honeybee sitting on a marigold flower close to me. The bee was too busy sucking nectar to notice any distraction around. I, for a change, felt like having a tête-à-tête with the distinguished guest. “Dear honeybee, come and sit here. Let’s chat for a while. You too will get a break in this way…,” I said, initiating the conversation.

But the honeybee looked towards me, without budging from its perch and divulged: “Never to waste time, is one of my principles.” As I looked admiringly at the bee, it proclaimed: “And I am not the one to break rules.”

“Oh, it’s so right. I quite follow what you mean; even I abide by similar tenets. My parents always told me not to ever waste time and indulge in only constructive jobs,” I told the honeybee.

The bee turned around to give me onceover and observed: “It’s so nice to hear this from you and know that some humans too have habits identical to ours.”

“Absolutely, and you know when I was young, my father used to call me busy bee for always being engaged in doing one thing or the other. Basically, I tried my best to act upon my parents’ advice,” I was thoroughly revelling in this exercise of sharing my feelings with her.

“Then surely you too must be delighted with the satisfaction that one derives from consistent hard work.”

“Yes, and it is only in this way that you are able to accomplish so much in a day,” I shared.

“Okay, then let’s keep doing our jobs and still be friends forever,” declared the honeybee cheerfully and added: “I neither have time nor the inclination to brood over the past. I concentrate on the present and today and thoroughly enjoy remaining focused on my job.”

Her riposte was heartening for me too. I acknowledged it and could hear the bee humming: “Diligence never waits for approbation. Hard work is its own recommendation.”