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Spice of life: The path less travelled

chandigarh Updated: May 13, 2015 10:34 IST

Truth and Falsehood were out on a routine stroll when suddenly upon reaching a crossroads, they came face to face. It was after a long time that they were seeing each other like this. The meeting of two opposites!

After customary conversation, they started walking together, and soon enough came upon a point where the road bifurcated. They were to part ways now, to be on the side of their convictions, so to say. When Truth was about to move its way, Falsehood could not help commenting: “I say Truth, why don’t you come my way; it’s such a flowery and brilliant path; and anyway, what have you gained by following your track for so long?”

“No Falsehood, I simply adore my path. This is the only way that provides me the much needed tranquillity. I won’t trade it for anything else under the sun.” “It is, of course, your choice, but just see the difference between my road and yours. My patch is so well lit, while yours is pitch dark and deserted,” Falsehood was still trying to convince Truth about changing its mind. “It’s quite a daunting task to follow your path, seeing that it’s so hazy and kind of lonely.”

But Truth, not the one to budge so easily, asserted: “It doesn’t make any difference to me; I rather consider myself privileged. And it’s being blurred is only an illusion; you have to walk only a few steps when the lighthouse of integrity makes it all aglow and guides whosoever cares to tread this road. Even otherwise, opting for the less-trodden path makes my journey all the more charming. It is lined on both sides with the ornamental trees and bushes of honesty, peace, credibility, mercy, gratitude and the like. The fragrance of their flowers makes me euphoric and motivates me to keep going.”

“Really!” Falsehood’s surprise knew no limits, and it was speechless for a while. “Absolutely; and in future, this path’s going to have a greater footfall. Slowly but steadily, a subtle change is taking place; enlightenment is bound to dispel murk and spread.”

Truth looked so self-assured divulging these facts.

Seeing Falsehood engrossed in a reflective stance, Truth added: “In today’s fast-paced, mechanical world, what would one not give for a stress-free and serene life!”

Having said this much, Truth just moved onto its chosen course, which it considered magical; but all these observations had made Falsehood take stock of its own life. It could not help staring at Truth’s back in utter bewilderment.