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Storm in a cup

chandigarh Updated: Mar 07, 2013 09:53 IST
Disney Brar Talwar

The next time you are staring out the window while tea leaves brew in boiling water, you are better advised to stare in the teapot instead. After all, the remnants of tea leaves or coffee ground can help reveal your future and predict your past, believes Panchkula-based Renu Mathur, a fortune teller who has been practicing Tasseography for three years now and offers divination at her office in Sector 9, Panchkula.

Popularly known as Ma Divyaeshakti, Renu explains the ancient fortune-telling method. “We take some boiling water in a ceramic bowl and put loose tea leaves in it. The person is then asked to rotate the cup anti-clockwise until the water in the cup is lukewarm, after which the person consumes the tea. I read and analyse the pattern formed by the leaves. It is important for the person who wants to know his or her future or past to be in a meditative state of mind and concentrate on the problems or the questions that he or she is hunting answers for. While performing this art, a lot depends on the aura and the electromagnetic field of the seeker,” she says about Tasseography.

Found more than 5,000 years ago, Tasseography is traced to medieval China where, during tea sessions, mystics used to foretell the present and recall the past of the person after reading the patterns of tea leaves formed in the tea cup.

Renu says she now wants people to know that they have the choice of having their past and future revealed through this method of fortune telling, which she claims is very ‘reliable’. Revealing more on how she zeroes down on the predictions, Renu adds, “Most of the times, there are seen long or broken lines, spiral symbols and cross-connecting patterns. We analyse the patterns after connecting it to the date of birth of the seeker.” Usually, symbols such as long lines spell connectivity and continuation, while broken lines suggest a break. Spiral symbols represent an ongoing process while a cross-connecting pattern spells chances of somebody trying to act as a spoke in the wheel in something one is trying to achieve, shares Renu.

From 20-year-olds curious about their academics, professional and love lives to those in their 80s wanting to know about their health and children, Renu says she gets seekers from all age groups. “There are many people suffering from infertility, broken relationships and professional losses who come to me. It is saddening how many unhappy people there are.”