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  • Shailee Dogra, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jun 23, 2014 09:24 IST

Gone are the days when physiotherapy was only meant for sports persons. Changing lifestyle and increased awareness has opened up even more avenues for physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy is considered a profession in the healthcare domain, which is concerned with the maximisation of mobility and quality of life by implementing clinical reasoning. Looking at the increase in demand of physiotherapists, youngsters are opting for studying the field out of choice. There is merit in the choice as a career can indeed be made studying physiotherapy, putting to rest the notion that only a person not fit enough to be a doctor ended up as physiotherapist.


A Class-12 student who has studied biology is eligible for admission to an undergraduate course in physiotherapy. In most institutes, admission is on merit, while in PGIMER, which only offers, an undergraduate course, clearing a written examination is a must. A masters in physiotherapy enhances the brand value. Even a doctorate is available.


A trained physiotherapist can either opt for private practice or get employed with hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes, rehabilitation centres, private offices. Community health care centres, fitness centres or health clubs, occupational health centres, special schools and senior citizen centres are all good options for a job. Prospects for employment are also good at sports centres, teachers and NGOs.


A physiotherapist is a professional whose work in healthcare is preventive, restorative and rehabilitative. He is an instructor in a health centre or wellness centre; he is a sort of doctor in some hospital. He is destined to perform various roles depending upon the circumstances in front of him. So, ability to multi-task is essential.


A person looking to make good name and money is in the right profession provided you have skills. A person just out of college after graduation can get a job that pays him Rs 15,000 initially, while a someone with a masters degree gets a starting salary of not less than Rs 30,000 a month.

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