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‘The dealings were in Majithia’s knowledge’

chandigarh Updated: Mar 10, 2015 09:25 IST
Bittu Aulakh


HT reproduces relevant portions of the confessional statements of Bittu Aulakh and Jagjit Singh Chahal in response to the ED investigator’s questions. These statements are part of the ED chargesheet filed in the Patiala court against 12 people, including Aulakh. This was the second chargesheet filed by the ED in the drug racket. Neither of the chargesheets, however, mentions Majithia as an accused

Bittu Aulakh

ED: Do you know Satpreet Sigh alias Satta, Parminder Singh alias Pindi and Amrinder Singh alias Laddi, who are NRIs living in Canada?

Aulakh: I know Satta who is an NRI of Canada. He was introduced to me by Bikram Singh Majithia, at present revenue minister of Punjab, in 2007 at his rented accommodation in Sector 36, Chandigarh.

How was Satta introduced to you by Majithia?

Majithia introduced Satta as his best friend to me. Majithia also told me that Satta was coordinating his election campaign for the MLA from Majitha constituency.

How did Majithia come in contact with Satta?

Satta had told me that Majithia met him in Canada sometime in 2003-04.

Where did Satta stay in Amritsar when he visited India from Canada?

Whenever I would visit Majithia at 43, Green Avenue, Amritsar, I used to find Satta there.

During which period did Satta stay at Majithia’s house?

According to my knowledge, whenever Satta visited India and came to Amritsar from 2007 to 2010, he used to stay at Majithia’s residence.

What’s the business of Majithia and who are his associates?

He runs a distillery in UP and has agricultural land in Gorakhpur. He is involved in sand mining and his trusted man is Kanwarjeet Singh alias Rosy Barkandi.

Did Majithia ask you to help NRIs Satta and Pindi in sending any drug abroad?

Majithia asked me to help Satta in whatever business of drugs (medicines) Satta wanted to do.

How much transaction of money has taken place in dealings of pseudoephedrine between Chahal and NRIs? Whether Majithia had knowledge of such transactions?

I don’t know the details of the transactions. But the dealings were in Majithia’s knowledge.

Jagjit Singh Chahal

ED: Why would the three NRIs stay at Majithia’s house? What did they deal in?

Chahal: They used to import pseudoephedrine from India. I don’t know if Majithia is involved in this.

Had Majithia asked you to sell pseudoephedrine worth `1.5 crore to Pindi and Satta? If yes, disclose whether you sold the drug to the NRIs?

Majithia had asked me to sell this to the NRIs, but I didn’t. Moreover, we did not have quota of pseudoephedrine at that time.

Satta, Pindi and Laddi used to take pseudoephedrine from India to Canada. Did Majithia meet these persons in Canada?

Majithia used to meet Satta in Canada.

Did Majithia visit your house? If yes, explain your relation with Majithia.

Majithia used to visit my house as we have family relations. I don’t have business of any sort with the revenue minister.

Did Satta participate in Majithia’s marriage? Which other NRIs were present at the marriage?

Satta and many other NRIs had come for Majithia’s marriage. Bittu Aulakh was also present.

Who is Satta? Where does he live? When did you meet him and why? What sort of financial relation you have with him?

Satta lives in Canada and whenever he used to come, he used to stay at Majthia’s residence in Amritsar. I met Satta through Majithia and Bittu Aulakh. I don’t have any financial relation with him.

Majithia’s version

Reacting to the allegations, Majithia on Monday said, “The Punjab and Haryana high court has granted bail to Chahal and one must keep that in mind before making such derogatory remarks against me. According to the latest court case, one of the accused has moved the high court saying all statements were being recorded by using force and were made up. In all the statements in the past one year, nowhere did it appear what the accused has said against me. Suddenly after one and a half years, a new dimension has been added.

How can it be that a statement recorded is not part of your first statement? Suddenly out of the blue, you have come up with a story. Why such statements were not shown to me in the first place? These are all malafide intentions which start before every Vidhan Sabha session. From December 2013 to January 2015, no such accused said so in the court or to the Enforcement Directorate. But if this has appeared suddenly, isn’t it politics?”

Revelations can give new twist to Niranjan transfer

The revelations made in the ED challan and the allegations by Chahal and Aulakh have added ammunition to the theory that suspected foul play in the transfer of Niranjan Singh, the investigating officer in the Bhola drug case, who was suddenly transferred to Kolkata on January 16.

The transfer that has since been stayed by the Punjab and Haryana high court came three days after the assistant director interrogated Aulakh in Jalandhar on January 12 and 13 in which the latter reportedly revealed his connections with Majithia. The high court is set to hear the case on March 12.