Three angles of art

Three Masters of Fine Arts students from Government College of Art, Sector 10, bring together a painting exhibition called Triangle at Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, Chandigarh. The three-day exhibition, organised by Chandigargh-based 4C (Chandigarh, Creative, Cinema Circle) is on from May 23 to 25. Excerpts from a quick conversation with the three artists, as they talk about their work and discuss the scope of art for students.

Benny VJ, 28, Kerala
Benny, after doing BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts, Kerala, moved to Chandigarh. At Triangle, he has six paintings and 20 drawings on display. About his work, he says, “It’s about the relationship between the nature and man. I believe my work is the initial platform for me to understand the wonder and mysticism of nature.”

Talking about his own scope in the field, he adds, “To continue this job, I’ll have to find another job. So far, the family has been supporting me, but now, since I’m passing out from college, I’ll have to work somewhere to earn enough to be able to invest in my art.”

Parmod Prasad, 27, Kerala
Pramod is displaying seven paintings and 10 drawings at the exhibition, but has made a total of 250 art works in the past two years of MFA. According to him, his paintings are a frantic search for himself. “I bring together my idealistic world and my surroundings, and try to create a new space that has orange trees and stones. I always believe in the inner truth than the outer beauty.”

Giving out a message to all art aspirants, he says, “A good sketch with dedication is far better than a BMW. And who said art is not lucrative?”

Garima Aggarwal, 25, Saharanpur
Garima’s work is mostly inspired from Le Corbusier’s architecture. She says, “I’m inspired by Swiss architecture’s anthropomorphic planes, that led me to streamlined horizontal and vertical lines, which I have introduced in my work. My work is also based on the different phases of my life, such as love for nature and travelling experiences. I have travelled to places HP, Kashmir, Mysore, Delhi, Bangalore, Mangalore, Belur, Rajasthan and Daman and Diu so far.”

Garima also believes that art nowadays has a vast scope. “But it entirely depends on how you take it. It requires hard work.”

The paintings range from R3,000 to R50,000.

Get sketched!
The exhibition will also find BFA student Saral making sketches on the spot for R200 for today and tomorrow. Saral is famous for making 200 self-portraits with different expressions in three days.


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