Turn app-based cab driver, double your income

  • Chandandeep Kour, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Sep 03, 2015 21:37 IST

Ever since their introduction in the tricity, app-based cab services are splurging to maintain a high ceiling of customer service. The talent they hire is well-mannered and educated. So if you happen to move around in cabs in the tricity these days, you find smart, courteous and well-dressed drivers.

In fact, the man driving the cab may be as educated as you or even better. From students to professionals, people from diverse backgrounds have started working as part-time or full-time cabbies. Driving has become a smart vocation indeed.


Palvinder Singh, 40, left his media job to join an app-based cab service. It’s been nearly five months since Palvinder quit his job of a photo journalist at MH1 channel to start working with the cab company, which pays him over Rs 50,000 a month. He says his family is supportive and doesn’t have a problem with him working as a driver.

Talking about the facilities, he says, “We are given a smart phone with an internet connection, besides other incentives. We have a target of three rides a day and have to stay online for 10 hours that we find suitable.”

A 38-year-old driver, who was a marketing executive with JK Tyres for 17 years, now works with an app-based cab service. He is a graduate from Panjab University and also works with ICICI Bank as a vendor of loans. In order to spend more time with his family, he left the sales job and took to driving. Requesting anonymity, he says, “This job is respectable and the best part is that the company gives amazing incentives and everybody treats you well.”


Varinder Pal Singh, 26, operation manager with an immigration company, sleeps for only two hours in a day. He works with the immigration company in the afternoon and after 6pm, he drives a cab till 6 in the morning.

Singh, a graduate and who is pursuing higher studies, is happy to double his income and says that being a cabbie is no more a job for uneducated people.

“If a company pays well, there is no harm in being a driver. Moreover, my family has no problem with my working hours. My wife is very supportive,” he says.


Lakhvir Singh, 30, a drummer and a participant of India Got Talent, Season 3, works with another app-based cab service. Busy with live shows across Punjab and abroad, he hires out his car and driver to the company. He is “very satisfied” with his association with the company as it provides his family a fixed income.

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