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What an example!

chandigarh Updated: Mar 19, 2014 10:25 IST

Raj and his wife Rosy have been fond of visiting new destinations. Often bitten by the travel bug, they keep going on excursions to different places within the country and sometimes abroad. And then they thrive on describing their jaunts in detail to whosoever they come across.

Recently, they returned from a month-long sojourn to Switzerland. Ever since, the couple couldn't stop praising the cleanliness of the country, the high standard of civic sense of the people and the way everyone obeyed the rules of the land. "Oh! it was lovely visiting the place. You can't believe how conscious people are about performing their duties. Life is so organised in Switzerland," Rosy said. "How I wish we stayed at some place like Switzerland!" Raj added.

One day Raj and Rosy went to see their family friends in a neighbouring locality. The hosts took their guests for eating out at a popular fast food joint. As they parked their car, Raj noticed that the place was littered with disposable plates and glasses. At once he proclaimed, "It's impossible to get out, there's no space here." They honked and a waiter appeared by their side. They placed their order from inside the car. Even while waiting for the food, the guest couple kept eulogising the beauty and impeccable surroundings of Switzerland. "It was heaven on earth," said Rosy. Within minutes, the waiter returned with the order. They started the car and on their way back, all of them started relishing the snacks. They came upon an intersection where the traffic light turned red as soon as they neared it and the host stopped to wait for his turn. At this Raj could not refrain from commenting, "Who bothers about the red light here? You should've moved on!" "But we always do," replied the host with confidence.

As Raj finished his soft drink, he rolled down the window pane and nonchalantly threw the disposable glass out of the moving car, without caring to look where that landed. After a while, Rosy finished her snack and just when they were in front of a house's gate, she disposed of her plate, spoon and even the paper napkins out of the window. She took out a fine handkerchief from her purse and after wiping her mouth clean, said, "The conditions are deplorable here; people living abroad are so adept at using the skills of leading a quality life." The poor hosts could just stare at each other in dismay. They had in fact, kept a bag in the car for collecting the waste, which they later disposed of, in their dustbin at home. But now their dream of emulating the Swiss, lay shattered to a great extent.