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When love strikes

chandigarh Updated: May 22, 2013 09:50 IST
Navleen Lakhi

She thought student political leaders in Panjab University were arrogant and boisterous. For him, politics was always on his mind. However, it so happened that Nitleen Kaur, 26, and Amit Bhatia, 27, found themselves being pulled towards each other by unseen chords, leaving no scope for prejudices to prevent their love story from blossoming.

The couple met in 2008 when they became classmates at the University Institute of Applied Management Sciences, Panjab University. Amit, a social man, would find it easy to make friends. Recalls Nitleen with a hearty laugh, “He was energetic and loud in his mannerism.

In fact, since he was mostly shaking hands with people, I wondered how dirty his hands must get.”

But, she claims with a blush, Amit would manage to find opportunities to strike conversation with her. “Though he doesn’t admit it,” she rolls her eyes.

Friendship bloomed and Amit and Nitleen started hanging out together in a group. Soon, PU elections were around the corner and were to become the background for Amit and Nitleen’s love story.

“Despite disliking the concept of student elections, I eventually became his biggest supporter,” gushes Nitleen, adding, “From making charts to lending help in campaigning, I did it all. And the day he delivered a speech at the open house, I was floored.”

For Amit, it was Nitleen’s caring attitude that convinced him that she is the one. “During elections, I fell ill and she brought me bananas and lemonade. She took good care of me and left me with a soft spot in my heart for her,” smiles he.

Interestingly, the elements of a budding romance — insecurity and jealousy — convinced the two of the deep feelings they had for each other. “Elections turned Amit into a serious guy.

The thought of not seeing him enough would make me uneasy,” says Nitleen. Amit chips in with another instance of Nitleen’s discomfort. “Once, during a trip to Shimla, Nitleen didn’t accompany us, but turned green with envy when she found out that a girl who had a crush on me was with us,’ he chuckles.

However, it took the love birds only a year to propose love to one another. It is a moment that Nitleen is still wondrous about. “During a fresher’s party in 2009 that we threw for our juniors, Amit approached me for a dance. While dancing, he whispered in my ear, “I love you.” I went silent for a while,” she says.

Phone conversations and befriending each other on facebook followed. “We also spent a lot of time after classes got over,” adds Amit. Such was their courtship, that when Nitleen went to Canada to visit her brother for 23 days, she wrote Amit 23 letters! “All my gifts for Amit always included something with a personal touch, be it a collage of his pictures or a sweater knitted by me.”

When talk of their marriage was initiated, Nitleen wasn’t sure her parents would agree since Amit wasn’t professionally settled yet. Amit recalls a hard moment laced with happy ending, “One day, she came to me and announced that we should part our ways. Though I thought that it was very mean decision, but stayed quiet. Luckily, on the same evening, UGC results were declared and I had cleared it. I called her instantly.”

Amit and Nitleen’s happily-ever-after moment finally arrived when the two got married on October 28, 2012. Life after marriage, says the couple, hasn’t changed much. “Amit is more responsible now. But, we don’t miss any chance of enjoying life. We live in a joint family but visit a disco every Saturday,” Nitleen says.

In the case of Amit and Nitleen, love was unexpected. But don’t they say, it works out if it’s destined? In our fortnightly column, we bring another delicious love story from
the campus.

Crack the chemistry
Each other’s annoying habits
Nitleen: His bad habit of cussing
Amit: No matter what she is angry at, she always takes it out on me
Issues you fight about
He gets irritated when I stop him from eating unnecessarily
Amit: She likes to go out and I don’t
Who says sorry first?
Both: After a point, either of us laughs at a stupid joke that Amit cracks
You both agree on...
Nitleen: Respecting elders
Amit: The importance of work
You share love for
Nitleen: Good food
Amit: Travelling uphill
Who bosses around?
Amit: No comment
Relationship advice?
Treat each other with respect and be patient
Amit: Give each other space