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When stars cheat the astrologer

chandigarh Updated: Jul 21, 2014 09:14 IST
Rajan Kapoor

Our “forward-looking” leaders will take oath only when the stars and numbers are aligned. In the latest parliamentary elections, they even filed their nomination papers at opportune time by the horoscope. For our scientific feats as well, they give credit to the appropriate position of planets and digits.

Discussing this in class, I was caught in a strange situation. “Sir, what is the correlation between a satellite launch and numerology?” a student had asked. “There is none,” I told him. “How were the pundits then able to predict a successful firing, based on the observation that the satellite to be put into the orbit and Mars shared a common number,” he enquired.

The question was interesting and demanded a fair answer, so, I shared with him a personal experience. “I wanted strongly to pursue a career in arts, with a clear target to be a college teacher,” I said. My mother wanted that I got into medicine. My father, being a true democrat, would not interfere but mother put her foot down and, though he tried his best to reason with her, it only made her more resolute and ferocious.

I decided to hold on to my dream but with a fear that my mother’s will might prevail eventually and destroy it. After a lengthy argument, mother decided to take me to a well-known astrologer of the city. She told me I would have to abide by his decision. Frustrated, I agreed to take a chance.

The appointed day came, and my mother took me to the fortune-teller, who studied my horoscope thoroughly and drew five to six squares marked with the position of stars on a piece of paper.

Examining the chart, he announced his verdict: the configuration was in favour; I would not only pursue a career in medicine but also find a great deal of respect in that field.

It sounded a death knell to me but my mother was over the moon. Before we could take our leave of the horoscope reader, he asked us to be back after two days to collect a “mantra” (a charm) that’ll help me attain success in life. Mother agreed. Crestfallen, after two days, I was back at his door with her. To our surprise, we found he had left for his heavenly abode a day ago.

“It is your day, ” said mother. “Enlightened” by the experience, that very day she put me into the arts college. “Have you got the answer to your question?”

I asked my student. “Yes, Sir,” thundered the entire class.