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Why date a girl who writes

chandigarh Updated: Dec 20, 2014 14:31 IST
Geetanjali Sharma
Geetanjali Sharma
Hindustan Times

Date a girl who may never wear completely clean clothes, because of coffee stains and ink spills. She will have many problems with her closet space, and her laptop will never be boring because there are so many worlds cluttered inside -- open tabs of popular music jammed alongside interesting factoids about Catherine the Great and the immortality of the jelly fish. Laugh it off when she tells you that she forgot to clean her room and her clothes are lost somewhere, that her shoes are hidden under the mountain of broken pens and the laptop that she has saved for since she was 15! Find a girl who writes. She will have a sense of humour, of empathy, and she will dream up different worlds for you. She is the one with faint shadows under her eyes, the one who smells of coffee.

You see that girl, hunched over a novel? That's the writer you're looking for. She will never stop churning out stories of traitors and heroes, darkness and light, fear and love. She can never resist filling a blank page with words. She's the girl reading while waiting for coffee. She's the quiet girl with loud music in her ears meditating on the perfect word. If you look inside her cup, the coffee is cold and forgotten. Try and initiate a conversation with her if she doesn't look too busy. If she raises her head, offer to buy her another cup of coffee. If she closes her laptop, you know you have her attention and ask if she got through her first novel.

It is hard to date a girl who writes. But be patient with her. Give her books for her birthday, plenty of hand-made paper for Christmas and for anniversaries, gift her some more books. Let her know that you are behind her every step of the way, for the lines between fiction and reality are fluid.

A girl who writes will not expect perfection. She'll understand that a good book does not have perfect characters. If you find her at 2am typing furiously, gently place a blanket on her so she doesn't catch a chill. Make her a pot of coffee or tea and sit with her. You may lose her to her world of words for sometime but she will come back to you. Just the two of you illuminated by the laptop screen, but unconquerable in the darkness.

She is your Shahrazad. When you're afraid of the dark, she will guide you, her words lighting up your way. She is naughty, mischievous, yet quiet and when she cries, hold her and tell her that it will be alright. You will smile hard when she talks and even over long awkward silences over the phone, you both will feel a magnetic spark. Your heart will skip a beat when she holds your hand and writes the stories of your life together. Her names for your children might sound strange but you'll be okay with that. A girl who writes will tell your children stories. She'll be your saviour, your best friend.

Date a girl who writes because you deserve it. She is witty, energetic, and fun to be around. She'll be infuriating at times and sometimes you'll hate her. Sometimes she will hate you back. But she'll not leave on a midnight train the first moment things go sour. She'll know that real life is not a fairytale, because while she dwells inside the world of stories, she lives in reality.

Date a girl who writes. Because there is no one better!

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