Wife testifies Maninder Gill's suit was 'soaked with blood' prior to shooting outside Surrey's Guru Nanak temple

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  • Updated: May 04, 2015 20:52 IST

Wife testifies Maninder Gill's suit was 'soaked with blood' prior to shooting outside Surrey's Guru Nanak temple.

Japseet Gill was eating and chatting with other wedding guests when she saw people rushing toward the parking lot of the temple. She saw her husband Maninder Gill standing in the middle of the roadway in the parking lot, his cream-coloured suit "soaked with blood." As she ran to her husband, Gill saw a man running toward the crowd from where Maninder Gill was standing.

"It could be gunshots, it could be firecrackers I haven't heard such noise before," she said through an interpreter as she testified in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster on Friday.

That man was Harjit Atwal, who Maninder Gill had just shot in the leg.

Gill, the managing director of Radio India, is charged with five firearms offences and one count of aggravated assault in connection with the August 2010 shooting. Gill's wife was the final witness at his trial, which will wrap up in August with closing arguments from Crown and defence.

On Aug. 28, 2010, Gill and his family attended a wedding at the Guru Nanak Sikh temple in Surrey, where Gill had been invited to deliver a speech.

Gill testified on Wednesday that as he retrieved his shoes after the wedding ceremony, he was accosted by Jaspal Atwal and his son, Vikram. He alleged that Jaspal stabbed him in the hand with a sharp object and Vikram punched him.

Gill said he pushed Vikram, who fell to the ground, and then he saw a gun slide across the floor. Gill said he grabbed the gun and headed toward his car. As he walked, Gill said Vikram Atwal yelled and swore at him.

Before he got to his car, Gill said he was surrounded by men, including Harjit Atwal.

Gill had been in a dispute with Harjit and Jaspal Atwal for a number of months and they had filed a defamation lawsuit against Gill and his employees earlier in August.

Gill said he feared for his life so he fired a shot into the air to scare the men, and then shot at Harjit, hitting him in the back of his left leg.

Japseet Gill said when she reached her husband and asked him what had happened, he told her to get the car so they could leave. She and her niece went while her daughter stayed with Gill.

Gill said that his daughter asked him to get rid of the gun just before they left the temple. His wife testified that she never saw him with a gun.

After the incident they went to a relative's house. No one called police.

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