Q. How can I balance work and passion for writing? - Somya, Agra

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  • Updated: Dec 03, 2011 14:25 IST
It is critical to construct a Chinese wall between work and writing. When you are at work, there should be no writing and vice-versa. I have achieved this by doing the following things: (i) I write early in the mornings on work days (usually between 6am and 8am) (ii) My work week is Mon-Fri so I use the weekends to write (iii) I take 3-4 weeks of vacation time in the year and use this time to write (iv) I use non-productive time such as flights, airport lounge time or car travel to write. By doing the above, I am able to ensure that the time that I spend at work is purely for work and not for anything else.

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