Competitiveness key to IPL: Dravid

The upcoming IPL auction will put sides  through the painful team building process again. Rahul Dravid, however, looks at it from a different perspective. The Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman feels it will keep the IPL very competitive and interesting. “We don’t want to end up in a situation similar to EPL where only three or four teams can win,” he said in an informal chat.


How is the team shaping up?
We have started off well with a win against Guyana. Things get a bit rushed as everyone comes together just a few days before the tournament. But then, this is our fifth tournament together, players know and understand each other better. That way it’s getting better.

Bangalore have done well, but the trophy is still missing?
We haven’t won any trophy and this is the goal and ambition of the side, especially knowing that we might not be together as a group again.

As you said, players know  each other better now. But after this season, players will again have to adjust to new teams and team mates ...
 One has to understand that two more teams are entering the IPL, and the beauty of the IPL is that it’s very competitive. We don’t want to end up in a situation like that of MU and Chelsea where only three or four teams win. I like the concept of having an even playing field as it raises the level of the tournament.

The IPL IV will have more matches than in the past. How tough is it going to be on the players?
Personally, I don’t think T20 is that taxing, at least physically. Yes, travel could be hectic sometimes, but today we have good support staff and facilities. The players should be able to manage.

How much do you think Indian youngsters would have gained by rubbing shoulders with the top players?
I hope young players take out a lot of positives from this. They get a chance to see the practice routine and work ethics of the top players. I myself leant a lot as a youngster by observing how senior players went about their practice and preparations. I hope a lot of these youngsters would have observed that.
The World Cup is just around the corner? Any plans for it?
I am not thinking that far ahead at the moment. All I am concentrating right now is the next game in the Champions League.


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