Between covers, a Tendulkar Opus

Soho is among London’s posh areas. Lined with designer stores and expensive labels, a walk down the street, more often than not, leads to a sighting of the rich and famous.

On Thursday, there was another member of the glitterati who was walking the streets of Soho. His name? Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Arguably the best batsman ever, Tendulkar was in London to announce the latest chapter in the evolution of Brand Sachin – The Tendulkar Opus.

Billed as the ‘ultimate tribute to a living sporting legend’, this 30-kg book on the little master will be the first opus on a cricketer. Tendulkar will join the likes of Arsenal Football Club, Manchester United, Celtic, Maradona and Formula One in the Opus list.

A little bit of drama always grabs more eyeballs, and that was the case on Thursday, too when Tendulkar’s DNA sample was taken by a doctor right in the glare of the TV cameras and a surprised audience.

The idea behind doing this was, as the editor of the Opus, Justyn Barnes, said: “was to capture the real essence of Tendulkar and make sure every detail was taken care of.” Tendulkar will sign each copy of the Opus, making it a collectors’ item.

“It is humbling to know people follow your career so closely…I am proud to be the first cricketer, and first Indian, to have his own Opus,” said Tendulkar.

He’ll personally choose photographs and content on this book. “Every picture will have a meaning to it,” said Tendulkar.

“Like, if it is of Sydney, 2004, it will be about what was going through my mind while batting.” Apart from old photographs, the Opus will also contain previously unpublished content, personally from Tendulkar’s collection.

Dapper in a jacket and jeans, Tendulkar obliged answered queries from fans – a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend an evening with the world’s greatest cricketer.


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