IPL boon for jobless South African youth

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  • Updated: May 18, 2009 16:41 IST
Indian Premier League (IPL) has come as a windfall for jobless youth in South Africa.

The 37-day tournament has not only provided the unemployed in South Africa some work, but also saved youth from being sucked into gang wars.

Youngsters like Moses, Lucas and Warner are not only thanking their stars, but also the IPL for bringing it to South Africa.

While Moses works as a carrier for a bevarages company, Lucas sells hot dogs and Warner is a janitor at the Wanderers Stadium.

"We struggle all through the year to find a job. Jobs are not easy to get, but thanks to the IPL, we got some work," the 23-year-old Moses told IANS.

For a 37-day job at the Wanderers, Moses will make around Rands 1,000. "The money is not enough, but I will be able to lead a maintain myself. Had it not been the IPL, you would have found me loitering and fighting in the streets of Joburg," he said.

However, Moses, 20, is worried about life after the IPL. He is not alone, Lucas also shudders to imagine about his post-IPL future.

"I make around 250 rands everyday by selling hot dogs. It is better than landing up in jail every now and then. But I don't know what will I do once the IPL gets over. It will be a tough to get another job after the IPL. I wish the IPL is played right through the year here so that we can make a livelihood," says Lucas.

But Warner, 25, is a lucky guy. He has found a permanent job.

"The Wanderers Club were looking for janitors for the IPL. I am lucky that I have found a permanent job," Warner said.


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