No cheer for cheerleaders in Rajasthan

Cheerleading isn’t always fun as sacked cheerleader Gabriella Pasqua Lotto found out after writing a blog. As it is, they hardly speak, and it has become even harder to converse with them after Lotto’s comments.

No wonder then, the Royal Challengers Bangalore girls, who arrived on Tuesday evening, were reticent and spent most of Wednesday beating the heat in the hotel swimming pool.

“We are enjoying it although it’s too hot. I think the crowds have been fantastic. Bangalore is the best. The others have been good too, though Kolkata wasn’t that great,” said a South African cheerleader.

If you are with the Rajasthan Royals team, you have to learn to live with the tough local laws and less money. “We get far less money than other teams’ cheerleaders from abroad. Many of them are getting $2200 for the entire event, plus daily allowances, which in some cases is Rs 1,000 a day. We get just $1000 for the event. But yeah, our stay and travel is taken care of,” said one.

There is a problem with cheerleading in Jaipur, though. For night matches, they only do half the game as playing music after 10 pm is prohibited. But there is one thing, which almost everyone who was here last year is happy about. “This year, it is relaxed. The IPL night parties are not that frequent and there is no compulsion to attend. Even when we are asked to, we perform and come back. The maximum it stretches is till 12.30-1.00 am,” said a cheerleader who was here last year.


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