Rohit Shetty can't act!

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  • Updated: Nov 13, 2009 17:16 IST
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Rohit Shetty, son of late actor Shetty who played negative roles in films and also worked as the fight master in numerous Bollwood and Kannada movies, says acting is not his forte.

"I am happy directing films. I can't act. I believe even if I try, I'll be a very bad actor. Though direction is more hard working, acting is a more stressful job. I am okay behind the camera rather than coming in front of it," Shetty told IANS.

But he did appear as himself during the end credits of his laughathon Golmaal Returns and his recent hit All The Best - Fun Begins.

"That's not acting. That's just a small footage of goof-ups - something of that sort will be in all my films," he said.

Shetty's future projects include the third instalment in the Golmaal franchise and a sequel to All The Best.


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