An enriching experience

In the highly competitive space of an IIM, getting an opportunity to participate in a session that has insights from the Bhagvad Gita is an experience in itself.

Called Self Incorporated, the course is designed to be completed in 24 sessions, spread over two years with several workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions. “As of now, only one session has been conducted and it has already given me a feel of how much I will be able to grow as an individual by the conclusion of the programme,” says Peeyush Patil, a student.

“Today’s competitive world breathes on the idea of ‘get better or get beaten.’ The key to success is competing with others and constantly improving yourself. However, a very important lesson that this session taught me is that the biggest battle is not with the outside world, but with your own self. It is necessary for us to analyse our strengths and work upon our weaknesses.”

“The trick is to know when to act and when to wait. One session makes you realise how important time is. Failure is part of learning; we should never give up the struggle in life,” he says.

Patil believes that the programme is a boon to those who have lost their self. “It will help in regaining your conscience, your soul. Because, the body is just a medium of expression, in the end it is just the soul that matters!” he adds.

Elaborating on the examples that were given during one of these sessions, Patil says that there were instances drawn from real-life situations and the focus during the session was on “valuing your ethics and principles while taking any decision, especially in the corporate world and while managing things.”

The programme covers aspects such as self-awareness, positive attitude, courage and confidence, health and fitness and time management.

One of the interesting projects as part of this is called autobiography and self-disclosure, which will be of two hours duration.
During the project, participants will practise and gain the skills of effective written communication, reflection and self- expression in the written form. They will explore the different approaches in communicating their lives, dreams, achievement, aspirations and dilemmas to their readers.


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