Daulat Ram College

Patel Chest Marg
Phone: 011- 27667863

Student verdict

What do you like about the place?
The ambience is very soothing. Lots of greenery and a sense of calm add to it. “We also have a Nescafe stall that is really advantageous to us in terms of time and  affordability. Certain items, like the dosa, are really delicious and are affordable. The Chinese momo adds a feather to the cafeteria's cap, with lot many varieties of food with prices starting from Rs. 3,” says Rawat. Tea is the least expensive item on the menu

If you’re eating in the canteen, what do you expect to be served?
“I guess they already provide us with wholesome food which is nutritious and filling like idli sambhar, chholay chawal, upma etc,” says Rawat

Do you get your lunch from home? If yes, what?
“Yes, we generally get our tiffins from home. It’s paranthas, sandwiches, butter toasts, chapatti, sabzi, etc because that is the healthiest option we have. Keeping in mind the long travel time and the nutritional value, I think homemade food is the safest,” says Rawat

Are you happy with the canteen food?
“At times, the Maggi is half cooked. Chholay bhature have less chana and more gravy. The south Indian food is really very good and Chinese food is cooked with adequate oil,” says Rawat

The best thing you like about the college cafeteria?
“Apart from the variety of food we get, our cafeteria also has a graffiti wall, LCD television, a foosball table and a couple of bean bags where students can sit if they wish to,” says Rawat

What we liked about this place
With a seating capacity of 30 to 40 students, the cafeteria had comfortable chairs nicely arranged around big round tables. The college also has a sprawling lawn outside the eating place which has several 'mushrooms' under which students can work or play

Straight from the students’ union

Is there any person in charge of the cafeteria? Does the institute monitor what is being served?
“The college has a 25-member cafeteria committee which includes 10 teachers, five union members and others. A meeting is held once a month in which the menu is taken into consideration. The contractor is called and issues are discussed. There is also a provision for a complaint box and action is taken on the complaints,” says Abhishek Verma, president, Students’ Union, Kirori Mal College

Are the students offered food of high nutritional value?
The cafeteria committee is collectively headed by Dr Virendra Kumar, associate professor, chemistry department, and me. Serving food of high nutritional value is our prime motto. We inspect the cafeteria and the kitchen. We ensure that the ingredients being used are fresh and of a standard quality,” says Verma

Any changes likely in the current menu?
“The menu undergoes changes whenever required and it is discussed during the meeting held once a month. As of now we are planning to include vada pao, pao bhaji and other Maharashtrian dishes. In consultation with our principal we are also looking forward to have a Nescafe stall in college,” says Verma

Any plans to upgrade the food quality?
“Definitely, the cafeteria committee is concerned about upgrading the food quality. As a union, we keep strict vigil over cafeteria activities. A meeting is held once a month where discussion takes place regarding the quality of food. The committee members also engage in regular inspections to monitor whether everything is in place,” says Verma

Saaf safai
Neat and clean floors, well-managed dustbins, four to five cleaners on rounds. Cleaners clean the table every time someone leaves a table


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