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  • Updated: Aug 07, 2012 17:59 IST

Poor nutritional value of foods available in college cafeterias and tuck shops and hygiene practices are a cause for worry,” says Ishi Khosla, clinical nutritionist, author and director, Whole Foods India.

Khosla emphasises using whole grains in different dishes. She suggests the following alternatives:
* Roasted whole-grain namkeens: grains, seeds, grams and pulse-based combinations 
* Fresh fruits: bananas, oranges, pears and apples 
* Use blended flour/ multigrain mixes for making wraps etc 
* Go for brown rice
* Make sandwiches with whole-grain bread 
* Use whole-wheat pasta 
* Limit the consumption of refined flour. Source products made with whole-grains such as whole wheat and oats.   
* The importance of eating vegetables must be stressed and they must be included in college menus. Vegetables can be served in different ways: in soups, salads,  and as fillings.

“To optimise vegetable intake, it is advised that vegetables be added to main course dishes,” says Khosla.

Healthy lunch box options

Sandwich (whole wheat / multigrain) with nutritious fillings. The fillings could be vegetables

Poha with vegetables + fruit; poha could be prepared using other whole grains

Cheela (besan / moong daal) with vegetables

Soya kebabs, baked


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