Foreign students in Germany can now stay on for 18 months to look for work

Germany’s Act implementing the European Union directive on entry and residence of highly qualified workers came into force on August 6, 2012. It brings far-reaching changes to the right of residence in Germany: for example, after completing their studies, foreign students may remain in Germany for 18 months, instead of only 12 months, as was the case earlier, to look for qualified jobs. They may work without time limits during this search phase. Once they have found work in keeping with their qualifications, they no longer require the consent of the German Federal Employment Agency. Also, under certain circumstances, they will be eligible for a settlement permit – or an indefinite right of residence – just after  two years. Foreign students can now also work alongside their studies for 120 days, instead of only 90 days previously. The act far exceeds the EU targets and presents foreign students, scientists and researchers with new opportunities in Germany.


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