How are answers marked in the Board exams?

What is the procedure followed in marking the answers?
 — Parul Sethi
Each answer is divided into steps and marks are given according to the weightage assigned for these steps. You can get a copy of the marking scheme to get a clear idea.

Will a student lose marks if he/she opts for Hindi as a medium for writing Class 12 Board examination?
 — Mansi Mittal
No. The students can write their answers in Hindi/English medium.

If a candidate passes in the additional subject but fails in one of the main subjects, what will the result be like?
 — Megha Munjal
In case of a candidate opting for an additional subject, the following norms shall apply: 
* A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in case a candidate is not able to qualify in the same, provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages. 
* An elective subject offered as an additional subject may replace one of the elective subjects taken up by the candidate. It may also replace a language provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages. 
* Additional language offered at the elective level may replace an elective subject provided after replacement, the number of languages taken up is not more than two.

How many sets of question papers are distributed in examination hall in the Board examination?
 — Rituja Sen
Three question paper sets.

I am a Class 12 student. I would like to know if CBSE would follow the same pattern of marks distribution in the Board exam 2013 for each chapter of any subject as given in the 2012-2013 official blueprints of the sample papers. Please specify if it is different for different subjects. If not then, would it be the sole authority of the person who has set the question paper to set the pattern of marks?
 — Boijayanti Sarker
The question papers in a subject for the Board examination are based on the question paper design for that subject available on the CBSE website. The students’ answers are examined by the evaluators strictly based on the marking scheme provided by the Board.

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