‘Lawyers can help sensitise society’

Brought up in a family where generations have served in the legal profession, Divyanshu Sahay was always attracted to this field. This young lawyer, currently practising in the Supreme Court, feels that a lawyer can do a lot to reach out to help people and sensitise society for good.

“Increasing awareness among people about their rights has changed the quality of litigation in our country. Cases are no more restricted to property disputes or simple contracts. We have sophisticated litigation now concerning anti-competitive practices, patents, copyright or trademark issues, space law, telecom disputes, electricity and so on, thereby, frequently affecting an even bigger community of people,” says Sahay.

Career choices, thus, have considerably advanced in law, he says. From practising before conventional courts, lawyers have now shifted to practice before the regulatory bodies established to deal with such advanced and technical litigation.

“Besides, law professionals often join firms and give legal assistance. In the international sphere, organisations such as The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, and above all, United Nations, and its organisations provide a variety of opportunities for those interested in international affairs. One may also take cue from the International Bar Association and International Law Association that offer great exchange platforms for law students,” adds Sahay, a graduate from Amity Law School, Noida.

Sahay believes that practising at the Supreme Court is an experience in itself. “It requires thorough precision, knowledge of law and creativeness. It is important to finely highlight the credibility of the case such that it manages to impress judges even on a cursory glance. This is a great learning experience. Each rejection of one’s case by the court requires introspection and scope for being more creative in drafting and advancing oral pleadings. Being the final court, members of the Bench and the Bar are extremely seasoned and thorough. One has to be meticulously prepared to plead a case,” he adds. Sahay has mainly dealt with cases concerning constitutional issues, land acquisition, taxation, cyber law, education, electricity, land laws, testamentary, consumer protection, personal laws, company law, partnership and societies.    


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