Sharpen your soft edge

Reflect is a soft skills assessment and development tool for management students that measures the essence of their personality — a person’s instinctive behavioural responses — across 10 key competencies. Recently launched by the United States-based Graduate Management Admission Council which owns the GMAT, Reflect was designed to allow users to look into a virtual mirror for a glimpse of how others might perceive them in terms of how they make decisions and interact with others based on their core personality.

“Reflect is based on three academically and commercially proven world-class assessments from Hogan Assessments that take about 45 minutes to complete and are offered in 24 languages. Using 10 competencies (including innovation, strategic vision and collaboration) developed with feedback from 800 corporate recruiters and 40 graduate business schools, Reflect helps users understand their strengths as well as potential blind spots and development areas,” says Ashok Sarathy, VP, GMAT programme. It then guides them based on those strengths and applies this knowledge to help them achieve goals. Reflect is available at


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